Kakapo Privacy Policy

This is the Kakapo Privacy Policy as of August 10, 2018.

It is our goal to know as little about you as possible, and to leave your personal information firmly within your control. To that end, we collect and store as little data as possible. We are unable to tie your Kakapo account(s) to your real-world or online identities.

The Kakapo app collects and stores the following data on your device:

  • A random globally unique identifier that identifies you to the server and to your friends.
  • Your social graph: a list of friends, groups of friends, and the friends in each group, as defined by you.
  • IDs of the people on the Kakapo network that you have chosen to ignore.
  • Things that you are posting to the Kakapo network before they are sent to the Kakapo server.
  • Your public and private encryption keys.

The Kakapo app collects and transmits the following data to the Kakapo server:

  • Your globally unique identifier, public encryption key, and the timestamp that you created your Kakapo account.
    We use this information to authenticate you when connect to our servers.
  • A log of any requests you make to the Kakapo server over the last minute. This includes your IP address, globally unique identifier, the request path on the server, and a timestamp.
    We use this to try to limit abuse of the Kakapo server.
  • Things that you share to the Kakapo network. For each thing you share, we store:
    • The globally unique identifier of the person who shared it.
    • The timestamp that it was shared.
    • The encrypted content of what was shared.
    • The globally unique identifiers of the other users that it is shared with.
    We need to store this so that we can deliver the things you share to the people that you choose to share it with.
  • Any error reports that you choose to send us.

We do not share any of the information that we store with any other entities, unless we are legally compelled to do so.

When updates are necessary to this privacy policy, they will be made here.